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You don't need a silent retreat to be mindful.

Drop the cluttered meditation apps that sit on your home screen and never get opened. Mist lets you actually be more mindful without the hassle.

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Perfect for beginners.

You don't need to be an expert to use Mist and get the benefits of mindfulness. When you open the extension, we're sure that you'll find something that fits your needs.

Mindfulness perfect for beginners

Reminders to be more mindful.

We know that being consistent with meditation is tough, especially when you have a busy schedule. That's why Mist offers mindfulness reminders to take that task off your shoulders.

Make the right choice.

Your mental health will thank you.


Reduce anxiety.

Meditating is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and improve your mental health. Even a 2-minutes guided meditation can reduce anxiety by 50%.


Incorporate mindfulness in your everyday life.

Building a new habit is always hard. Mist reduces friction by always being on your search bar. Making mindfulness feel effortless.


The only app you need.

All you need to be mindful is in one place. Offering a variety of guided meditations, relaxing music and background nature sounds to calm down or focus with, Mist is the only app you need to take care of your mental health.


No commitments.

You can claim a 14-day free trial for Mist Premium, giving you access to exclusive guided meditations, relaxing music and more! No worries-if you don't like it, you can continue using Mist completely free.

What our customers say


I had tried 3 meditation apps, but I couldn't build the habit of meditatig consistently. When I started using Mist, I noticed a difference in my mood within 2 weeks. If you have tried other meditation apps, I would definitely reccommed Mist.


I could never remember to meditate. The mindfulness reminders that Mist offers are an absolute life-saver. Every 3 hours, I will get a notification to do a 2-minute meditation and take a break. I don't think I can go back to using anything but Mist.


I had never heard of meditating. A friend of mine reccommended Mist as a good way to start my mindfulness journey. And he was right. I started meditating consistently and after a few days, I saw that I could get much more done and my mood was noticeably better.